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Should we replace the current 12 F.A.Chiefs below with Your 12 favoured nominations

The 12 F.A.culprits to be replaced are listed below,What you have to do is replace them with players or existing Managers who would improve our chances for future competitions enhance the squad selection and improve our international ranking.

Geoff Thompson(ex Doncaster Rovers)
Brian Barwick(itv & MCclaren supporter)
Dave Richards(ex Shef wednesday)
David Gill(Mu chief exce)
Phil Gartside(Bolton)
Brian Mawhinney(transport and tory)
David Sheepshanks(Ipswich)
Barry Bright(kent rep)
David Henson(from devon but not much more info on this character)
Michael Game(Essex fa)
Roger Burden(Gloucestershire)
John Ward(Hampshire,has he ever played football?)

So for example how about Dario Gradi replaces Barry Bright?
And Steve Coppell replaces David Henson?
get the gist?


  • Another great idea Badger.

    Richard Murray should replace one of 'em. In fact, sack them all and pop the Charlton board in in their place (minus the tall, ginger one with the big mouth, of course) ;-)
  • Wasn't John Ward a pirate?

    How about Peter Shilton or Tom Finney or even Bobby Charlton over David Gill for fecks sake.
  • or Trevor Brooking or Peter bonetti?
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