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Scotland or Brum?

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Not very flattering pic of McLeish.

Would you dare try to follow up a very good campaign with the Scotland squad or jump ship for Birmingham?


  • And 3 times your Scotland salary at Birmingham....
  • I think Brum is a pretty good club to takeover at present. Bruce has put a fairly decent squad together, they will certainly stay up so immediate pressure is off. If the takeover goes through then there will either be plenty to spend, or you will get the boot quick with a large pay off, or if it falls through, then the Gold's have always been pretty loyal to their managers and backed them well.

    Decent stadium, and good support potential, central location with good air links. Its got more pluses than minuses.

    Scotland would be a much harder job now because there is a little bit of expectation built into it.
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    alex mcleish has resigned from scotland so birmingham bound he is ssn
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite] they will certainly stay up so immediate pressure is off. .

    Really? I won't be so sure. Derby and two others out of the bottom 7 or 9 IMHO and I wouldn't make Brum safe by a long shot. There seems to be a doubt over Carsen Young's money and the Golds and Sullivan are ready to jump ship.
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