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Euro 2008

Anyone now more interested now the draws been done?

Holland, France, Italy and Romania in a group together, bring it on!


  • Thatsd a group of death if ever I saw one...
  • I'm very excited.
  • How can people not be excited about sitting back, and watching high quality football for 4 weeks?

    The Italy, France, Holland group is going to be divine football to watch
  • I'm looking forward to it but I know that I will be screaming at the telly when I commentator says "well, of course if England had qualified..." for the 100th time.
  • cant wait yeah also think the commentater thing will get very annoying with so many references to England
  • Will watch some of it but as far as I am concerned England are not in it so will not stay in to watch any one game if I can do something else instead.
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