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Something from rugby - good idea for football too?

I'm sure you're all aware that I went to Twickenham on Saturday...

Anyway, on the way to the ground you could buy something called 'Ref Link' costing £5. One of the guys I was with got one and I was very impressed by it. Basically, it's a small radio and headphone, that lets you hear what the ref is saying. It also picks up on the players near the ref... Excellent idea and obviously you're in the know as to what the ref has given and why.

Would it work for football?


  • ha ha ha. you melt.

    don't bring your egg chasing culture to us Medders
  • I have one of those and they are great because you know what the ref is giving the fouls/penalties etc for. Not bothered about listening to the players in all honesty because at Rugby they don't bloody surround the ref and all call him a cheating c****. I have many times heard the player call the ref sir at International games and that amazes me
  • Yeah you're right about the players, and that respect is shown at all levels mate... not just international level. Always amazes me seeing a 6ft something prop looking down on a 5ft ref addressing him as 'Sir', and that's pretty much all he'll say - no back chat or questioning his decision.
  • I think it would be absolutely brilliant, would also make players tow the line in what they say to refs if they know its being broadcast.

    Would go a long way to improving discipline in my book.
  • I think it would smudge i really do and would make the refs more understood by a lot of stupid fans who don't undertand the laws of the game.
  • Hopefully the radio is two ways - I would have felt a lot better cursing directly to the ref.
  • You need it in rugby as no one understands the rules and that includes the playes and commentators. One of the beauties of football is that it is such a simple game and you rarely don't know what the decision is for, even if you don't agree with it very often.

    We have all the rules we need in football to deal with dissent but the clubs and FA don't allow refs to use them. If a ref started booking the four or five Chelsea/Arsenal/Man Utd/Liverpool players who surrounded him them clubs would appeal, the FA would back down and the ref would be sent to the Valley.

    If on the other hand refs were allowed to book any player who argued other than the captain if would stop very quickly. No need to change rules of have silly radio mikes. Just back the refs.

    Strange things is that if we don't see our players shouting, moaning, winding up other players, backing their team mates up when it kicks off ala Hull then we berate them for having no commitment or bottle or being too nice, too "Charlton".

    We sing rude songs about the ref but we want the players to respect them. We love Danny Mills and Di Canio and Costa partially for the way they have a go at refs but then want to them to be like "nice" rugby players and say "sir".

    BTW - surprised there's no big debate about the game a Twickers. What tactics were used? Did the Vandals or whatever they are called pick the right players, was their near side game effective? I though we were all rugby fans now seeing as it is such a much better game than football : - )
  • put the ref's mike over the tannoy, that would liven it up a bit..
  • Didnt they trial it once in the old first division when showing a game on ITV, I think it was stopped after about 12 minutes due to the 'wholesome' language coming from the players
  • i think it would be a great idea as a 2 way radio. Then the players should call the ref sir and we call him C**t! everyone is a winner.
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  • Unfair on deaf people.
  • Chap playing for Horsham the other night is deaf and mute. Fantastic came on as a sub and he won a penalty that earned them a replay.

    But I must admit I did laugh when the final whistle went and he kept playing.

    Of course this is a good idea. But a better idea would be, as H points out, if the current regulations are actually applied.

    I think we had a similar thread earlier in the year.
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