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Robbie Keane's appeal turned down

Bit late on this I know but..... If they're going to send every player off for that sort of challenge (which they won't) we'll be playing 8 or nine-a-side every week. Who on earth sits on these panels? You can even see Keane try and pull out of the tackle when he realised he'd miss-timed it. No malice, yellow at worst.

The ref needs to have a good look at himself as well and maybe put his hand up and withdraw the card or admit he (or Rennie???) was harsh?


  • Got the ball, one footed... nowt wrong with it.

    I won't lose any sleep over it though, being Keane and Spurs...
  • Shouldn't the ban be lengthened for a frivolous appeall?
  • ha ha Stanmore

    Was a joke really yellow at the worst
  • The FA's disciplinary rules are a complete joke. As we discovered with the stuff last season with the Sankofa sending off and this season with the Lloyd Sam dismissal against Hull. The start from the premise that the referee was right unless it is clear that he was wrong and even then they generally agree with referee.
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