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Right, just ordered the boxing..........

Do i 'stay up' or 'get up' ?????????


  • Danny, if you STAY UP for more than 4hrs you are supposed to seek medical advice. I'd GET UP if I were you. LOL
  • Well i hope i get more for my money than the Bolton crowd did !!

    72 seconds !!

    How quick are Amir's hands ??
  • AFKA, get to bed!
  • too late, taking the 'stay up' approach.

    only another, err....4 hours :-(
  • 3 and a bit hours to go, i've taken the stay up with a few bottles of becks approach, happy days!!
  • It's only 5pm here boys - one of the few sporting advantages of living here.
  • just want the blooody thing over and done with now so i can go a bed !
  • Well I've had 3 hours sleep on the sofa but the alarm clock done the trick and I'm up and at em now.
    Feel like sh1te though...hope its worth it...
  • you could of come round here for £8 mate :-)

    game called off tomorrow BTW
  • Well thats a result... something would have told me I must go and watch after about 4 hours sleep. Can now sleep without any guilt whatsoever.
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  • Unlucky son, can't fault his heart.

    But was Premiership vs Championship
  • he came up against a class boxer in Mayweather whose hands were just too fast for him.....maybe a rematch
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