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Ricky Hatton

Absolutely gutted for him. Even more so that he was totally out boxed by a tosser like Mayweather he had the guts but was just not as good as the better fighter on the night.

Totally gutted. The best man won but not the better man


  • Not a fan of blaming referee's but he was shit. Cringed seeing the ref and Mayweather hugging at the end.
  • I was surprised that Mayweather was so polite after the win, I was expecting the usual I'm the best ever routine.
  • [cite]Posted By: Friend_Or_Defoe[/cite]I was surprised that Mayweather was so polite after the win, I was expecting the usual I'm the best ever routine.

    totally agree, really surprised and my respect for him certainly went up a notch or two. Is on a different boxing planet to Hatton, and any boxing purist would be pleased of the outcome. As much as i like Ricky, his best chance was to wrestle and frustrate Mayweather, and a combination of the ref, and Mayweather being a lot better on the inside than Hatton was expecting, ended that chance.

    Really hope there is no rematch, and certainly wouldn't pay to see it.
  • Interesting that there was no immediate talk of a rematch. In truth it probably wasn't close enough to warrant one, and maybe both of them know that it's not in their interests.

    Interesting to see where Hatton goes from here. I got up just in time to see the Lacy v Manfredo fight, and Lacy looked a shadow of the 'star' he was thought to have been before Calzaghe beat him - just hope the same doesn't happen to Hatton.

    Mayweather seemed to get away with a fair bit early on, and benefitted from the fussiness of the ref, but he's a 39 win fighter who doesn't look he's ever been hit.
  • just too much class.
  • Hopefully that is the final nail in the sporting coffin that has been 2007 for me.

    Virtually every one of my favourite sportsmen/women, and all my favourite teams losing or being relegated.

    Good riddance 2007!
  • I just thought his tactics werent right.

    Where was the powerful body shots that MIGHT have worn Mayweather down? Always looking to knock his block off and Mayweather is too cute for that.

    Fair play to Ricky though, the boy can take a punch
  • I was gutted for the bloke but my head always said Mayweather would win it, he was too classy and my respect for him went up for his praise of Hatton. Ricky done the nation proud last night but just like every other English sports person or team this year, he was doomed to failure. Couldnt believe how boring that Lacy vs Manfredo fight was but i'm glad i stayed up till 6 in the morning to watch it all, would have been kicking myself if i didnt see it live.
  • the fact that Manfredo and Lacy was deemed to have MGM top of the undercard quality is ridiculous!
  • Totally agree re Manfredo and Lacy. It was an embarrasment of a fight to go that high up on a card.

    I'm looking toward Calzaghe vs Hopkins now has to be made
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  • i think hatton let his emotions get in the way of his game plan. In a way i thought he was over pumped hence just trying to knock seven bells out of him and not considering cutting the ring off and saving energy.
    never mind.
  • My neighbours are very angry with me today.

    Super Joe just won sports personality
  • shame hatton's fans embarrassed him witht the booing of the septics national anthem
  • hatton said on that personality thing that he slipped! hehe.
  • I think some of the pundits were quite kind to Hatton....yes he gave 110% and has a never say die attitude but to me, the fight looked so one sided, Mayweather is absolute class and I reckon could've taken Hatton out alot earlier. Apart from the slight wobble in the first he was in total control in my opinion.

    Apparently some of the Yank TV pundits had Hatton ahead after 6 rounds ?!?!?!?!?
  • Apparently some of the Yank TV pundits had Hatton ahead after 6 rounds ?!?!?!?!?

    As far as I'm aware, there were only one yank commentary signal going out, and that was to the US, Australia, New Zealand and quite a few other contries and they definitely didn't have Hatton ahead on points after 6 rounds.
    But it was slightly amusing to hear their commentary after the American Star-Spangled Banner national anthem (when the English booed).
    "Ladies and Gentlemen - this is our closest allie" was what the US commentary said...
  • [cite]Posted By: Ledge[/cite]shame hatton's fans embarrassed him witht the booing of the septics national anthem
    I was there and that was out of order (although i did have a little chuckle).

    Many of the Americans that were there were there to support Hatton but as soon as that happened they were all Mayweather fans. Quite a few scuffles broke out in the arena with some Americans "brap brapping" and the english just turning round and larrapping them.

    Top notch atmosphere though and i too was impressed with the Mayweather reaction which got suitable applause by the crowd.

    The best fighter won and he is one of the best ever no doubt about it. Saying that, Hatton went 10 rounds with him and done ok. He lost it when he smacked Mayweather round the back of the head and lost a point. Downhill form there.

    I was walking in a Hatton wonderland for 5 days though and it was great.
  • Shame it was the hit in the back of the head that cost him and he didn't even land the punch.
  • what is Brap Brapping?
  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]what is Brap Brapping?
    i wasnt sure how to describe it but you know where you make your fingers look like a gun, "shoot" them up in the air and shout "Brap Brap!"

    Because that's what guns sound like...
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  • Brap, Brap, Rat a tat tat!

  • what like they were making out they were shooting us ? what? why would they do that?
  • Friendly fire, that's all!
  • edited December 2007
    like taking the piss out of friendly fire? WHAT W&NKERS IF SO.
  • what mayweather reaction was that then dude??
  • No Curb_it, I don't think that's it, they're not really that clever. Just like to shoot everything it seems. Land of the free and brave and all...

    When it comes to banter, don't think they really have it in em.
  • your right lookie the ol septics dont understand banter!
  • Anyway ... I think Junior Wittor may be the one ...
  • Hatton suggesting re match - what's that about?
  • [cite]Posted By: Kap10[/cite]Hatton suggesting re match - what's that about?

    Making more money?
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