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FA Cup upset

Chasetown beat Port Vale..................Cardiff up next.

Well done the Town!


  • And Vales luke rogers missed 2 pens.
  • & as Guinness (I think) has said AFKA scored!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!
  • well done the town
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: KBslittlesis[/cite]& as Guinness (I think) has said AFKA scored!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!![/quote]

    Don't think it was the same person as this bloke was tall at 5'6". :)
  • ha, i've had loads of texts tonight !
  • These are the results which makes the FA Cup special, little non league teams turning over league clubs. Remember when Welling dumped out Gillingham, was a brilliant night and set the club up for the next couple of years.
  • Just seen the goal. The fella scores, charges over to the corner, slides along on his knees and is then mobbed by the whole team - including the keeper who appears from nowhere having presumably just broken the world record for the 60m dash!!! It's what the FA Cup is all about.

    (Mind you - just seen him interviewed and the bloke that scored is a right gargoyle . Must be the name I guess.)
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