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Nou Camp, Barcelona

Anyone here been for a match? I was lucky enough to get a cracking seat for Barcelona v Deportivo on Sunday - good game (funny to watch Barcelona play like crap for the first half) and an awesome stadium at night. And Ronaldinho has got to be the best player in the world at the moment - some amazing touches.

I'm also impressed that you can buy Barca tickets from some cash points - I feel an Oi Henry! moment coming on here...


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    Cerainly have, Barca Seville last season, manage to find the players entrance right over behind the adjoining stadium and had my photo taken with Puyol, then unbelievably we left our hotel the Princess Grand Sofia around 11am and the whole Barca squad came in amongst huge crowds, they use the hotel all day before a home game.

    Got within 10 yards of all the players and had another photo with Zambotta, did you do the stadium tour, ? unbelievable, My partners brother lives in Barcelona so always back and too had free tickets to last years Grand Prix aswell!

    The cash points you refer to are La Caixa or something I recall.
  • went in Feb and to be honest, was a bit underwhelmed by it all. The area of the stadium we were in was quite dated (middle tier) and there was absolutely zero atmosphere at all. Like watching a film. Ronaldinho nearly scored the worlds greatest goal though.

    After the game we went for a quite pint to let the queue for the underground go down, and when we walked over at 12.01 we found the gates were locked as the underground closes at 12, and they mean 12 !

    I hailed a passing cab, and four of us got in, saying we'll meet the other 8 back in hotel bar in 5 mins. Another 4 turned up about 1 1/2hr later, while the last four took about 2 1/2hrs. They were fuming, and we were half p*ssed :-)
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    I was going to walk back into the city centre to avoid the metro crowds, but lost my bearings and opted for the metro anyway... where I got pickpocketed. So the metro after a match there *definitely* isn't a good idea!

    I take your point on the atmosphere, it was less fervent than I expected, but the way it built up from a tiny spot behind the goal was quite something.
  • Please do, it's an ace place - heading back at the end of May!
  • Went there in 2001 and caught them playing Parma in some sort of curtain raiser. Would like to get up to the top of the place as the top tiers looked ridiculously high and something to tick off the list but it was not as special as I thought it would be.
  • I went march 06 for my stag do, top time. They played deportivo then and although they went 2 down Barca came back to win 3-2. The stadium is just a concrete bowl but still impressive as is the climb to your seats. But definitely the worst beer I have had anywhere!
  • Do they sell Beer in plastic bottles?
  • [cite]Posted By: falconwood_1[/cite]Do they sell Beer in plastic bottles?

    No little silver cans about the size of a coke can which they then tip into a plastic glass, until the head is about 4 inches high. they then hand over both the glass and the can, both containing a very sour, bubbly lager served at well above room temperature! Or they did when I was there.
  • The only beer I saw on sale was the non-alcoholic version of Estrella Damm - which they'll also sell to you at your seat.
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