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Curbs' Broken Record

Havent we heard this a few time just before a Curbs' team loses?

"'We feel the Carling Cup is a competition we should attack. A Premier League side will win the Carling Cup and we thought 'Why not us?"


  • It's such a stupid thing to say as well.

    'Chances are a Premier League side will win the Premier League, so why not us?'.
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    Me and my main man Plaaayer were talkin about this yesterday. How Curbishley's tactics were always the same and everyone always knew what was going to happen, but he still didn't change things. And Plaaayer informed me that last night West Ham went 1 - 0 up against Everton and sat back defending. Commentator said "they're not gonna be able to do this for 70 minutes" and they didn't and lost 2 - 1!

    Not to mention he does have a list of about 5 things that he says post-match, that never change.
  • I had a right chuckle reading that it the Lite last night. Laughed even harder when they got knocked out.

    Give it three weeks and i'm sure we will be hearing it again
  • It's ok lads - no need to post on my thread on this subject. I'll just talk to myself. I prefer it that way - sometimes I even win the argument .
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