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BBC London Saying Capello has been appointed

As a manager I say good. I think he'll get more than the sum of the parts of the squad.

As for the root and branch review of English football. Let's hope that still happens but I won't hold my breath.


  • Good news a guy who has a great cv. The doucment not the car boom boom !!!
  • yep good choice and probably the only decent manager available but the whole structure of english football probably wont change much under him
  • Oi Tong! I've got a grt CV. Its red & white with a St George Cross roof & she's called Robyn ;-)
  • Youve still got a citreon that old and it still works !!!
  • He's probably the best choice, but it is disappointing that we do not have an English manager that comes close, but what can you expect when all the teams that have a remote chance of qualifying for the top European competitions are only ever going to be managed by foreign managers. As Coppell says can you imagine Italy coming over here for their manager?
  • Italian teams don't even sign British players any more.

    Who was the last English (or Scotish etc) international to play in Italy?
  • Lee Sharpe?

    If you include Irish then Robbie Keane probably.
  • Craig Davies? Ok, he's not a good example.
  • Best of what was available for me, if you discount Redknapp and his baggage.

    Still say international management is more about cheerleading than actual tactical nous.
  • I still can't believe Redknapp was even in the considerations.

    Cheerleading has got us no where for nearly 50 years
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  • [cite]Posted By: Henry Irving[/cite]As a manager I say good. I think he'll get more than the sum of the parts of the squad.

    If he does that then we will start to fulfil our potential internationally. I believe that our top players are good enough to shine on the international stage. What we need is someone who has the key to making us perform. Lets hope the FA have got the right man.
  • [cite]Posted By: Rothko[/cite]
    Cheerleading has got us no where for nearly 50 years

    International managers get the players to work on the training ground 3 days max per break. 4 hours maximum session, you're talking 10-12 hours to get what they want across. It is impossible in that time frame to get players successfully to play a different style than what they are used to doing day in day out.

    A successful international will acutely adapt in a very small way what the players are already used to, but more importantly get the players looking forward to meeting up for international breaks and enjoying playing for their country, thus the cheerleading bit. The last decent one we had in that respect was Bobby Robson, and we were very unlucky in a World Cup semi final. Its also why Ireland overachieved for a number of years.
  • would prefer an englishman.........but more importantly, someone who can actually speak or language would be nice !
  • [cite]Posted By: golfaddick[/cite]speak or language

    LOL. Sums you up golfie ;-)
  • its a shame the FA can't put its millions that its wasted over the years into developing facilities and buying some land for schools and yoofs to play on, something which is blindly obvious to most except those who should know better (the fa). Like em or loathe em the Aussies can teach us a thing or two about grass roots sport believe me.. and look what they produce in nearly all the main sports despite having only 20 million population.
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