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Will he 'ave it on his toes, proper son !!!

You'll love this, in the News Shopper

GREENWICH Borough FC have added a touch of glamour to the Kent League by unveiling British film star Danny Dyer as the club's new chairman.

Dyer, who already has a string of lead roles on the silver screen to his name, told News Shopper he had no hesitation in accepting the role after being asked to get involved by fellow actor Tamer Hassan.

He explained: "I have always been quite interested in Greenwich Borough because Tamer has been there for a long time.

"I've played in a few charity games there before and seen quite a few matches already, so you could say I have a bit of a soft spot for them.

"As soon as Tamer asked me to become chairman, I just knew it was something I had to say yes to.

"I just love football and the chance of being involved with a club is like a dream come true."

Dyer has every intention of taking his new position seriously and hopes to become a regular at Harrow Meadow, depending on acting commitments.

He said: "I will get down whenever I can and was there for the recent FA Vase win against Wembley, which was the biggest game Greenwich Borough has had for a long time.

"My ambitions for the club are to take it to a higher level and I believe with the support of people in Greenwich and the surrounding areas, we can make the step up from the Kent League.

"Tamer has given me this opportunity and I will do anything he needs to help raise Greenwich Borough's profile."

Dyer has always played the game and was a member of the celebrity England team who faced a World XI last summer on Sky.

However, despite his past exploits on the field, the striker says he will probably resist the temptation to pull on the number nine shirt for Greenwich Borough.

He revealed: "I'm not as fit as I used to be and although I'm 30, I probably have the lungs of an 80-year-old.

"I've always played the game at Sunday League level, but if I were to play for Greenwich it could be a problem because the opposing centre half might want to spend the game asking me questions and interviewing me."

Hassan, who has been at the Eltham-based club for 12 years, says he is delighted to have his friend and colleague on board.

He said: "I've given Danny the chairman's position as a Christmas present and he is very excited about it.

"Danny wants to do everything he can to help the club and hopefully his involvement will attract a few more female fans to watch us play.

"He has a lot to learn about this side of the game because being a chairman is very different from being a fan, but he has got a big part to play and I'm certain he will be a success here."

Hassan, who has starred with Dyer in a number of films including The Business and The Football Factory, believes the future at Greenwich Borough is bright after several years in the doldrums.

He explained: "There have been a few problems here, but we've put it behind us and are concentrating on moving forward.

"We want to get the community here involved and make them feel part of the club because it has lots to offer as well as a great history.

"Greenwich Borough was founded in 1928 and this is where Ian Wright began his career before moving to Crystal Palace.

"Eltham Boxing Club is also based here and was where Henry Cooper started out, so there is a tradition for producing sporting legends in this part of the world."


  • the geezers doubled up. he's gone down with cockles and come up with prawns
  • This is all lies, the Real Danny Dyer will be in North Upper on Saturday Eh Adam :-)
  • a dweam come twue, ya na'ut ah mean?
  • pwaper norteeeeeee

    My cousin plays for Thamsemead Town so will be pissing himself at this.
  • Another club with a name change.

    Grinnidge Burragh FC here we come.
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]

    Hassan, who has been at the Eltham-based club for 12 years, says he is delighted to have his friend and colleague on board.

    He said: "I've given Danny the chairman's position as a Christmas present and he is very excited about it.



    It's not too late to get your letters off to Santa you know.
  • Jog on you sigh and keep yer nut daan.

  • Do they still play at Sutcliffe Park? perhaps he could combine the Chairmans role with a documentary on street violence on the Ferrier. The bloke is a complete knob.
  • imagine him on the ferrier ? he wouldn't last two minutes

    I used to watch borough a lot in the late eighties when we were at selhurst and they were winning that league by about 15 points every season but never got promotion cos the council wouldn't give them plannig permission for a bigger stand .

    Main man up front was Mark Gall who went on to play on the league for maidstone and brighton . They also had a guy playing up front for them called Alfie Hollingsworth who I sawe in the news of the world a couple of years back being revealed as the new boyfriend of tina from s club , how very strange
  • Mugs ,the team are mugs, the crowd all mugs, the ground is mugish, you are a mug and so am ,i got it !!!! right naughty mugs the lot of yur.
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    I'm so out of my manor it's unreal
  • This thread has made me laugh all day, genius :-)
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