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NEW ARTICLE: Note to FA. If it ain't broke, don't fix it

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  • Not sure why Henry is blaming the two rugby players for Kings Lynn's name being drawn out twice, that can hardly be their problem can it? Unless they put the balls in the pot in the first place.
  • I make him right , whats a couple of rugby wallers doing getting involved in football stuff ?
  • My point was that not that the rugby players were at fault but that it was another mess up by the FA. It was meant to be a joke along the lines of "what can you expect....."
  • edited November 2006
    The fault on that draw was completely down to Trevor Brooking. It took him an age to find the team name (which can't be that difficult given that they would have been in number order), and then managed to announce King's Lynn twice.

    I don't agree with using Rugby Players to draw the balls, but to be fair to them they looked highly embarrased by Brooking's incompetence and even ended up spelling the numbers out for him (as in One Seven, Seventeen!)

    The other comedy was when they went to the wide angle, and you could see Brooking frantically fiddling with his earpiece and talking to someone off set. Hopefully, the lesson will be learnt and by the next round we will see a proper TV presenter doing the job, with Footballers past or present, drawing the balls!
  • Sounds like they didn't rehearse this properly. It's what i dislike about Sky, why get a professional in when you can have a celebrity? They always go for the personality.
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