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No fool like an old fool...

Have spent an enjoyable day with my Spurs supporting Brother in law and family.

Despite being fat and old I allowed myself to be persuaded to participate in a game of football with my teenage nephews, daughter and their friends.

My plan was either to keep goal or play a Beckenbauer type role at the back breaking things up by anticipation and spraying a few passes around.

That worked well for a while but suddenly some space opened up and I managed to carry the ball, beating a few players before scoring a goal.

I suddenly had a rush of blood forgetting how old and unfit I am and sprinted down the wing before passing inside at that moment something "pinged" inside my calf and I spent the rest of the game hobbling about. I can hardly walk now!

Yes I should know better but any ideas as to how I can ease it?


  • A zimmer Len?
  • i thought you'd have played more of a 'kish' roll but scoring the goal and beating the players rules that out;-)
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    I was waiting for the punchline to be "I pulled my shirt over my head, my gut flopped out over my trousers, I lost my balance and done an involuntary 'Klinsman'..."

    No fool like an old fool indeed. My favorite muppets, Statler and Waldorf!
  • Those two blokes used to sit behind me in the East Stand. LOL
  • I used to play league Badminton to a reasonably high standard. A few years ago now, having not played for some while (and somewhat heavier than I used to be!), I agreed to play in a mixed doubles friendly. Of course I hadn't lost the touch around the court, I was just throwing around much more weight. I went up for a smash and crack, like a gun shot, I was on the floor with a ruptured achillies tendon.

    Pain - f*cking hell I've never experienced anything like it. Six months later after three plasters and weeks of physio, I could actually walk properly again.
  • I was playing 5-a-side and was chasing the player with the ball (20yrs younger than me), wondered what that pinging sound was, as my leg gave way. My calf had gone and it took about three months before it was right - I was quite proud to have actually got a real injury after 40 odd years of footie.
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