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If the next ten years included......

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3 seasons in the Championship ending in relegation
Promotion from League 1 as Champions,
2 seasons in the Championship ending as promotion via Play Off,
4 seasons in the Premiership with Chrissy Powell's red and white army

Would you take that now ?


  • Throw in an FA Cup Semi Final and I'll take it.
  • can we have improved catering at the valley too? :-)
  • I'd like to go to Wemberley for a cup final please not fussy what the League or FA Cup will do. And then a brief run in the UEFA cup the following year, maybe too much?
  • as long as Rudd Van " I am a Charlton fan" nistleroy signs for us and bags golden boot 4 out of the 5 seasons
  • Errr ..... are there any other options?
  • Can we have a year in Europe too?
  • i'd bite your hand off for that especially in that order , beautiful, get right depressed loitering in this league and going down to div 1 , thinking the end is nigh, then rising from the ashes to the promised land with sir chris in charge , beautiful
  • can we have lids on bottles
  • How about?:
    3 consecutive relegations to the Conference with Simon Jordan the new owner of the club, followed by 4 consecutive promotions taking us to The Premiership. By this time the Premiership has lost the top 4 to a European league, and by the tenth year we win The Double. No Europe though, as you need to have given Platini 'Le Pipe' to get there.
  • make a cup final like a normal club!
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  • Ledge beat me to it, otherwise I would take it.
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