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Are Manchester United fans Anti-England?

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I must admit i was shocked and surprised by the Man United fans last night.

Fair enough, you can support your player who is under pressure and abuse from the fans but i really could not understand the whole "POR-TU-GAL" and "Sway to the left, sway to the right...England are shite" chants.

I know that Man U fans will say its because Ronaldo was made a scapegoat for England's inadequacies (which is true to a certain extent), but why sing against your own country??

"England give us a song"???


  • They could n't give a toss about England , its all about United for them and thats it . They sing all those songs just to wind us up , Ar-gen-tina being an old favourite and a lot of their support are Irish anyway .

    Always great away support from them , singing/standing all game but I cant stand the anti-england stuff . I think any other prem ground would've given them some stick back but not at Charlton .
  • i was just a bit surprised to be honest.

    I was just wondering how Neville, Rooney and Rio would feel about the songs. Do they see it as humourous i wonder?
  • the irony being that England games are played at Old Trafford.

    Of course they do it as a wind up. Fine, not a problem with that.

    Just take England Internationals away from Old Trafford. Newcastle, Sunderland, Arsenal, Man City. There are enough big grounds around the country now
  • They're are songs to sing back at United fans, but only Scousers and City fans seem to know the words
  • Of course they hate England !! They all suport Italy at the moment, before that it was Brazil....
    (you see where I'm going here ??)
  • I've always regarded (most) fans of the big clubs as glory hunters. They support Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea or whoever not because they are good sides with good players but because they win trophies, and they can bask in the reflected glow of another FA cup won, or another successful European campaign. Remember the kid at school who barely possessed the geographical skills to locate Liverpool on a map of England, yet always had the scarf, the bobble hat and even the top that looked like it had been crapped on by pigeons? Try and get a Red Scouser to say something good about Everton, impossible. Likewise the singing of anti-England songs is in that monkey see, monkey do tradition, the poor vvankers genuinely think they've prejudiced against. The irony of Man U - Liverpool matches is that it's two groups of fans from the Home Counties swapping insults about living in towns they only ever visit for the purposes of watching football matches. These people lack the imagination to support their local team, end of.
  • 90% of kids grow up supporting one of the 'big 4'

    most happen to have the sense to grow out of it.
  • I have never understood how you can enjoy supporting one of the bigger sides. You operate from a principle that you expect to win every single game. When you do it must mean less than it does to fans of the lesser lights because all it means is that your team has done what was expected of them.

    Consider saturdays games.

    I guarantee you that our fans will be happier if we beat Bolton that United's fans will be if they beat watford. And if both teams lose you can bet that the united fans will be more pissed off.
  • Didn't all the anti England stuff start after the lynch mobs started on Beckham?
  • Spot on rothko, one of their surrey representitives was on Netaddicks babling about the beckham and p. Neville things! They are getting as bitter as the Bindippers.
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  • The myth machine at OT has been working overtime since Munich, it's in there nature to be as bad as the Redshite.

    Ronaldo will get it properly at the City of Manchester and Goodison, with a added dose of Shipman songs at Goodison
  • Didn't a lot of it stem from the early 90s when England fans sung "stand up if you hate Man u?" Also is there not a large irish based Man united contingent which makes them anti English?
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