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Dowie still making friends...

A statement issued by Walsall chairman Bonser on Walsall's official website read: "It shows how out of touch Iain Dowie is with reality. He is quoted as saying he has paid 'just north of £200,000' for Scott Dann. For the avoidance of any doubt, Coventry City have paid an initial fee of £750,000, which will be paid in stages over the period of 12 months.

"They will also pay a further £250,000 based on appearances and a significant percentage of any future transfer fee. On top of that there will be payments if he achieves an England cap and if Coventry City gain promotion.

"Dowie's statement raises the question how a person who does not know the difference between £200,000 and £750,000 be managing a football club? It is no wonder that clubs end up in financial difficulties."


  • So we paid somewhere north of £1m for both Faye & Traore...still sounds bad doesn't it !
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    Just shows what a pony appointment it was.
  • To be fair to the guy (can't quite believe I just said that!), this is probably just spin from Coventry to manage expectations re. how much money they have/haven't got.

    The Walsall guy doesn't want to look like he's been conned, so has released the full details of the deal.

    Would've been best all-round if it had just been an "undisclosed fee" deal.
  • oh dear what a plum
  • I know that Dowies is not allowed any where near the transfer dealing at Cov, he just tells the club which player he wants and the Finance Director does all the rest.
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