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Alex Song - Cameroon

Immense in Midfield this afternoon ...

Rigobert was also spot on ...

Would love to have him back ...


  • Agree. I think hes a bit out of our range these days. But he should be getting more games than he does.
  • [cite]Posted By: Imissthepeanutman[/cite] I think hes a bit out of our range these days.

    i think you're right, and i think others need to start wising up to this fact.
  • Oh I know that ... I'm talking about long term planning when we get promoted ;)
  • I got the feeling Wenger was not happy with him going of with Cameroon. So you never know. But to me he's now in the 'Champions League' bracket and his showing in the African Cup of Nations is only going to raise his profile still further.
  • He's still only played a handful of games this season and if he stays at Arsenal he'll probably only get half a dozen more. Added to that no Premier League club can loan him (right?) because the window's closed. That just leaves teams like us who are chasing promotion and will virtually guarantee a start. He was good last year has obviously improved lets at least give it a go. This loan could win us the league.

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