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Warnock does make me laugh...

edited February 2008 in Other Football and Sports
The last two paragraphs....

Makes me even happier that we beat them, so bitter.



  • even tho we won i backed off taking the piss out of my palace mates too much cos i have this dreaded nightmare thought that we could end up losing to them in the play offs.....
    and remember how falsely our hopes were built up after smashing west ham they got the real prize at the end of the season;-(
  • Palace will not make the Play Off's they have had their 'Run' that's them finished in the top five or six for this season.
  • I still think we will wallop somebody this season, just when its NOT expected.....we can still improve in front of goal, so I think Colin is wrong...and he's a bloody wind up merchant anyway :-)
  • Can you link it please Westside as all I can see is a red X
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