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U2 in 3D concert film

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Anybody else going to go see this? Previews Wednesday and Thursday at the Odeon on Bugsbys Way.



  • Hadn't seen anything about this until now.

    I quite fancy it having been a bit of a U2 fan since the early 80's. Haven't seen them live since the Joshua Tree tour. Does Bono say "This is not a rebel song"?

    Thursday is the Charlton quiz at Bromley so it'd have to be wednesday for me.

    Any other takers?
  • You don't have to see it on Weds or Thurs, it's properly released on Friday (though, of course, it's limited to cinemas with the right equipment).
  • Just got back from seeing this.

    Believe me, 3D technology has come a LONG way since Jaws 3D! You also get given a proper pair of specs (that aren't red & green) instead of those flimsy card ones you used to get.
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