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For all you golfers

European Open is being played at the London Club (new ash green/west kingsdown) between 3 and 6 july.Will be good to see the top europeans play locally.


  • I'd rather watch paint dry.

    I just don't get it - why people stand on a bloody golf course all day watching these blokes hit a little ball that half the time you can't see where it is going.
  • depends whether you play the game ledge if you do,it's great to see someone at the top of the game close up but if you dont play I can understand your point of view.Me i love it,give me the open to watch over cricket,rugby and probably every other sport apart from football.
  • totally agree, golf professionals are the most skilled professionals in sport in my eyes!!They work for their money unlike all the pre madonnas in our "beautiful game"!
  • just registered for tickets, absolutely love golf.....watching the pro's up close is something is if you play/watch.
  • didn't go myself, but the fellas i play golf with regularly, went to the seniors competition at the london club last year.
    they said it really put into perspective the difference between our standard (i play off 14) and theirs.
    70 year old men spanking the ball 300+ yards regularly down the middle with little effort.
    they also said it was full of japanese men betting on everything and anything.
    the thing i enjoy about playing golf is that you can play against the course rather than against each other. no 2 courses are the same so it's always a different challenge each time. even if you play the same course, differing weather/ground conditions bring different hazards into play.
  • i agree for talent golfers have no equal because to be able to consistently hit a ball straight etc is phenomenal BUT watching it god no
  • I can't watch it on telly but went to the open at muirfield a few years ago and sat on the 14th green seating for the whole day so saw them teeing off for the 13th and then putting on the 14th. it was fantastic. saw all of them come through over the duration of the day. its made watching it on telly more interesting now I know who they all are. gonna register and get some tickets for me dad.
  • Never played the game therefore have Zero interest in it.
  • I've given up on golf now, had a few lessons. Thought I sorted my swing out. Went out again full of confidence and went round in about 150.

    I haven't the money or patience for more lessons.

    I'll wait for ten years or so or until they change the rules so the course is rectangular, you use inflated leather balls and the aim is to get said inflated balls into a square net between a set of posts at either end using your head or feet
  • how much are the tickets???
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  • Golf is brilliant if you watch it on ceefax
  • [cite]Posted By: matt896[/cite]how much are the tickets???

    Not on sale yet, but I reckon a day tickets will be about £30/£35
  • For those on sale today for the European Open at the London Club 3-6 July.

    Free on the first day, otherwise a very reasonable £20 for any other day.

    Just got 4 and will go on the Friday.
  • cheers for that, the email never actually arrived, and always bounced back! gonna get 4 for the sunday i think.
  • [cite]Posted By: Ledge[/cite]I'd rather watch paint dry.

    I just don't get it - why people stand on a bloody golf course all day watching these blokes hit a little ball that half the time you can't see where it is going.

    But you don't mind paying to watch iwelumo do it with a big ball.

  • I played there last month - lovely course but there's a lot of water on it!
  • Anyone else bought their tickets for this?

    I'm taking my dad for his birthday as a surprise, think we're going on the Friday. Tickets arrived yesterday.
  • going saturday looking forward to this one
  • Never watched a game myself, watch the big boys on the telly occassionally but thats about as close as it gets, for the record I was there when LUVA LUVA, "put back spin on a golf ball, the flash b****** however I have an idea he dont how he did it, but dont tell no one;-)
  • Got my freebie tickets for the Thursday. First proper Golf tournament, looking forward to it.
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  • got mine an all, might let me boy have a day off Friday to go along.
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