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Mum and Dad Glass half empty...........

Have just found out that 40 years ago this year my mum and dad met on a works beano to Blackpool and gues what? they have only gone and got themselves tickets for the game. So if you see two love struck oldies wearing matching "kiss me quick" hats carrying a handfull of blackpool rock, gazing out across bloomfield rd. Be sure to say hi!!!!!


  • In that case, you'd best be on your best behaviour else you might find your mum giving you a clip around the ear.
  • was worried about that, i'm staying well clear mate ;o) mummy's never seen her BABY at a football match !!!!
  • LOL Best mate tell your Mum to get the H/T beers in !
  • can't believe the old man roped her into it she must be a glutton for punishment!!
  • Glass, my grandad worships your old man, and has insisted i go and introduce myself !
  • LOL,
    Afka think they are like peas in a pod when they get chatting.
    Ketters, got to introduce my best mate.
    Ooaah, your not knocking our new loyal away support are you?
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