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turnmills closing partys

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anyone that fancies going to this the tickets are on sale now

got ours for the saturday and my inside contact has told me the line up which is BIG!

can't remember the last time this old fool got so excited about going clubbing


  • end of a era.
  • oh yes..
    cant wait, but absolutley gutted the place is closing down!
  • May go to the Smartie Party, but a mate is over from Phoenix that weekend not sure if it's his thing what are all the relevant party dates ?
  • im going to Turnmills tomorrow early evening, my friend is in a show which is playing there this week. will there be disco dancing afterwards?
  • 'Disco Dancing' LOL
  • Me, Rothko & Off It are gonna go with our glow sticks & dust masks!!!!!
  • Acccciiiiiiiiiiddddd
  • Smartie partie as well on the 8th
  • Aciiid? 1987 seems such a life time ago. actually that was a lifetime ago. Shit

    When it all started for our little gang. those were the years... glad they're all behind now tho. id be dead.
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  • oi rothko I told you not to tell!
  • now this is a pretty impressive line up for the saturday , just been announced

    9pm – close

    Room 1:
    The Chemical Brothers
    Fatboy Slim
    Justin Robertson
    James Holroyd
    Nathan Detroit
    Sean Rowley
    Robin, Nick, Martin & Jeff (Heavenly Records)

    Room 2:
    Dan Kahuna & Jon Kahuna
    Anil Chawla
    John Kennedy (XFM)
    Streetlife DJs
    Audio Jackers
    Carl Clarke

    Hosted by Together All-Stars
    Paul Stix / Kelly Rush
    Ed Coward / Nikolas Esselle
    Carson Gardiner
    Dave Earnshaw
  • The line up

    Main Room:
    21:00-22:00 Heavenly Records crew
    22:00-23:00 Sean Rowley
    23:00-00:00 James Holroyd
    00:00-02:00 The Chemical Brothers
    02:00-04:00 Fatboy Slim
    04:00-06:00 Justin Robertson
    06:00-08:00 Nathan Detroit

    21:00-22:30 Audio Jackers
    22:30-00:00 John Kennedy
    00:00-01:00 Carl Clarke
    01:00-02:00 Jon Kahuna
    02:00-03:00 Dan Kahuna
    03:00-05:00 Streetlife DJs
    05:00-06:30 Anil Chawla
  • just found out today that the third room not listed here is on until midday!

    in 97 I would have defo still been there , not nowadays though
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