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If you could would you like to know the date of your...............

death? Me personally yes, if its before 65 I can spend the cash currently laid into my pension!!!!!!!! If into my 80's start putting more in the pension, and quick!!


  • The Organiser!?
  • christ, what a question !!

    about the only good thing about my job is my pension, so i better get to bloomin enjoying it !!
  • No, I wouldn't want to know how I die either
  • Had a car crash many years ago, thought for a split second that that was it, thats your lot sunshine.The world stood still.After that I try not to think about curling my toes anymore.!
  • No thanks matey.

    Bloke goes into his doctors
    Doctor says i've got some good news and some bad news
    Whats the good news asks the bloke
    You've got 48 hours to live says the Doc
    Thats the good news,what the hells the bad news says the bloke
    I should have told you yesterday says the Doctor

  • Bob Monkhouse's line always made me laugh.

    I went to the doctor's and I asked him how long I had left. He said 5. I said 5 what, months, years? He said 4, 3, 2..
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