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waiting up to watch to eastern europeans fight

better be worth the wait!


  • elaborate on what?
  • fair play 2 u m8 ive had enough for1 nite speak 2morrow
  • I see that everyday where I live...............Outside the job centre!!
  • I was unable to sleep so watched a weird film with Bob Hoskins then chanced upon the fact that "those glory , glory days" was on film 4 .

    Then I realised the boxing was on , result
  • Klitschko on points. Ibragimov's a brave lad, but he just won't be able to hurt Klitschko nd he'll get picked off by the jab. Could be a really good fight if he manages to get inside and tag him early, but I can't see it.
  • good call,shame about the pavlik comment,the undisputed world middleweight champion
  • Undisputed champion in a division of absolute dross - no decent middleweight champions since they all beefed up and went up to super middle
  • joe calazge is the nuts,but at 34 would be well advised to give pavlik a wide berth,which at light heavy he will.
  • maybe I shouldn't add my opinion as I don't come from "a family of boxers" like yourself nolly but I couldn't see anything other than Pavlik getting smashed by Calzaghe as he would not have that same speed at super middle but Joe would.

    However I would think Pavlik has a grand plan to step up to the supermiddle division once Joe retires and with Joe out of the way should be able to easily pick up a title there.

    As for the heavyweight division if that's the best they have to offer then that's a terrible shame . What should happen is the creation of a super heavyweight division like the amateurs then people like David Haye (who would have been the perfect weight for a heavyweight a few years ago) can put the excitement back.
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  • Thought you menat its kickin of in Woolwich with the locals AGAIN
  • So ...

    Who won?
  • buckshee i would agree that joe would beat pavlik,but at 36ish however much we like him hes not going to get better,he used hes brain fighting kessler adapting well after being punished early on,he took some heavy shots in there and pavlik hits like a bus,so its not in joes intrest to go for pavlik,he dont need him or froch come to think of it,hes earned hes stripes,beat hopkins,then have one last fight with the winner of tarver woods,i think tarver may shade that,which is more lucrative for joe.
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