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Special Mention

So many things to bemoan today but i thought i'd save my one post for the thing that made my blood boil the most today (and there were a lot), and that was you you miserable sarcastic bastard that got on my back for walking out at 5-2, you know who you are, bovril veteran. Really funny to go for cheap jibes on lads leaving after the fifth, maybe you'll think about that when we've sat at hull, cardiff, preston etc. and you're sat nursing the cocoa, utter p****. Nice to see some have a sense of humour in troubled times.


  • Someone from on here ISLS?
  • nobody on here as far as i know Off

    i can just about take spending god knows what on today and watching us play like that but buggered if i'm going to be heckled for leaving early by some smart arse. done a lot of hundreds on them tossers this season, i'd like to think i might be free of the naughty chair for saying enough is enough at five.
  • I wouldn't have blamed anyone for leaving after 4 to be honest!
  • maybe i was expected to wait for 6?

    i don't know?

    what is an acceptable threshold for when you are so utterly disgusted you can't bear to watch anymore? hardly being a candidate for the compulsary leave The Valley 15mins early group i wouldn't know myself. maybe we should agree on this before each game.
  • I think 5 is pretty much a given.
    4 can be perfectly acceptable too, as can 3 if there are only a few minutes left.
    2 is just being silly!
  • But away at Blackpool what do you gain by leaving early? First dibs on The Pepsi Max Big One?
  • nice one DJ, there'll always be one

    i gained not scarring my eyes any longer
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