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John Duddy

Jesus that is one limited boxer. Currently watching him and some useless Canuck punching seven shades of **** out of each other - Duddy's idea of tactics seems to be either leading with his nose or his forehead! Makes for an entertaining fight, but any of his fans thinking he's ever going to amount to a serious contender is living in cloud cuckoo land


  • he's got a bad cut too
  • coming back into it slightly now but seems to be living on the back of a close points win over a fast fading Eastman.

    Pavlik would smash him up big time
  • Not too sure about that Buckshee - Pavlik's limited too. I think he'd take him, but Duddy would make it a fight worth watching, that's for sure - couldn't see it lasting past four rounds either way, but they'd probably be the best four rounds of the year!
  • One things for sure they're both proper bangers and that in the words of Danny Dyer would be "a proper tear up"
  • leroy your talking out your ass mate,pavlik is a great fighter,just done the double on jermaine taylor,all great fighters are a bit edgy,as for duddy he was poor tonight but taking a shot like that and having a decent dig gives him a chance,pavlik limited dear me.
  • nolly - you're just trying to get a rise out of me cos you think I'm about to bite after I've just had a go about negative posters. It won't work. Pavlik is a limited fighter. Anyone with even a modicum of class ould tear him to ****ing bits. Luckily for him, there's enough meat in the middleweight division for him to get at least three more fights against exciting but equally classless fighters (of which Duddy is a perfect example) before he eventually moves up to Super-Middle and gets annihilated by someone like Calzaghe, Hopkins or even Lacy
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    [cite]Posted By: buckshee[/cite]One things for sure they're both proper bangers and that in the words of Danny Dyer would be "a proper tear up"
    LOL - don't you mean 'Pwopah'? :)
  • stick to talking about football mate,come from a successfull boxing family,no what im talking about,pavlik is the real deal,beating taylor twice,beating miranda at hes own game,still only a kid,limited my ass.
  • oh shit im not your mate!
  • That's right - you're not. And I guess I should just shut up now because you come from a 'successful boxing family'. Thanks for the advice yeah? Meanwhile, back in the real world, Taylor is quite possibly the most overrated fighter since, well, since Miranda probably. Neither of them are even remotely in the class of Hopkins or Calzaghe.
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  • yep thats right a successfull boxing family,the best of us boxed for england over 25 times,and i was decent too! yourself mate.stick to watching it,its evident you never boxed.
  • see i shouldnt post on here because i do like my boxing but i have never got calzaghe i dont know i just never ever get into his fights i dont see a man who is deserved of his long reign i always look at it as no real contests in that weight range anymore or none that he has fought
  • mate anyone can post there views,its just when people get undermined all the time,joe is a great fighter my favourite ,hes beat who has been put in front of him and only recently got the praise deserved,i hope he gets out sooner rather than later,the kessler fight was a hard fight and may have took alot out of him.
  • who you box for leroy?
  • who is there in that division to fight i dont really follow the contenders in that class
  • super middleweight? froch,inkin,flute,lots more,saying that the welterweight division is the one at the moment,brimming with talent.
  • i am with you there i have been to see Ricky fight 4 times now at light welterweight and although he got a number done on him by the money man he is still top in the light section but the boys in the welterweight that is a group brimming with knock out fighters/

    what do you make of the haye macraneli fight i cant wait should be a blinder
  • enzo will win,been backing him weekly.
  • [cite]Posted By: nolly[/cite]mate anyone can post there views
    Can they? Not according to you they can't. My view is that Pavlik is a limited fighter - but you've coated me off for saying it.

    Then again, because I don't come from a 'successful boxing family' my opinion carries less weight than yours, yeah? I've been watching boxing for nigh on 30 years fella. I haven't boxed since school, but that doesn't mean I don't know what I'm talking about.
  • I come from an unsuccessful boxing family and I cannot stand watching Froch.
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  • so i was right never laced a glove leroy,was you made to box in the fifties or something,lets draw a line under this,your right i was a tad rude but i thought your attack on reams was a little out of order,we can always have a fight in the ring for charity?
  • what can you get on enzo best price i am gonna try me hand witg a few of her majesty's shilling shall i pick early middle or late

    do you reckon its a ko or points cant see it going distance myself
  • grow up nolly FFS.

    No one here played professional football, does stop everyone having an opinion on it.

    I caught the end of the Duddy fight; courageous, ballsy fighter, but too little defence for top level and will take too many big shots to have a sustainable career at the top.
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    i was joshing afka,i said i was a tad rude did i not? pavlik is not limited thats all im saying,leroy got the heavyweights spot on and bar hes pavlik seems to no boxing,duddy has a short career in front of him thats for sure,afka have you a problem with me as you seem to always target me but other get a miss.
  • well nolly early late or middle rd win come on man i want to go to bed :-)
  • sorry nla i have been backing enzo to win out right at 5/4 every week,i feel if he can take hayes onslaught he may catch up with him in the 9th onwards,but im just happy backing the outright win,haye is struggling with this weight .
  • [cite]Posted By: nolly[/cite]afka have you a problem with me as you seem to always target me but others get a miss.

    I don't have a problem with you whatsoever, because as far as i am aware i've never met you. I can't make myself clearer on that. There is a world of difference between chatting to people face to face, and what people write on a message board, and i've not met a single person yet off this site or others that i haven't wanted to be in their company with again.

    But i do have a problem with some (not all) of your posts on here, and the same goes for about half a dozen others. But i can assure you its nothing personal. I'm finding moderating a particularly draining, time consuming and unenjoyable role at the moment, particularly as it appears that whenever i'm away for more than a day, petty bickering very much becomes the norm.

    It can't stay like that, and one way or another it won't. We've had a great run on here which is why its proved as popular as it is, but i personally don't want popularity to compromise what made it a successful forum in the first place.
  • i dont think lately i have moaned that much though,i think i may have joined in a bit,i understand fully what you say,at the same time people who get so upset by a rant[sometimes justified] need to get real,its a game of views after all,i have never really offended anyone,i will try and think a little more,that may make my brain fall out though!
  • cheers nolls i will check out best price in the morning

    night smudge dont let the bstds grind you down and if it was me i blame MCS and his fingers that really dont sound good
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite] and i've not met a single person yet off this site or others that i haven't wanted to be in their company with again.

    ooooooooooooooooooo ....................... you lickle liar!
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