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Friend or Defoe on missing list

Petrol money for single trip to Blackpool £20
New shoes from 'shoe supermarket' £12.50
One night in B&B £24
Match ticket £17
Beer & Sundries £?

Missing your lift back home and having to hitch hike back from Blackpool


Ladies and gents I give you 'curious George'


  • oh dear updates on the missing person will be needed

    did anyone else struggle to get back and how were the northern ladies accomodating or not ?
  • ha ha

    We are not the only ones then LOL

    Leftbehind 2
  • One harry potter!!!
  • Oh dear, oh dear.
  • I'm home safe and sound guys, been a very long day!

    As I said earlier it was a great weekend ended up in an area called south shore when we ordered a pizza from donna 24, the guy who serve us only had one eye. I only had 2 bites of it before it was binned.
  • I'm still laughing!!

    George you have to change your name from friend or defoe suggestions?

    Rain man

    Left behind MKII




  • Oh dear, must of those names I don't get!

    The main thing is I'm safe and had a good weekend. :-)
  • LOL.....Classic in the pub. 1,2,3,4 I declare thumbs wars.....LOL.....HA ha ha ha ha ha

    Please stop it, I can't breathe.
  • and why did you have a parachute with you?
  • and why did you sleep under the stairs?
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  • Any Pictures?
  • You really are a Doughnut George, what time did you make it home ?
  • Found the perfect present for "Curious George"
  • Just woken up, seen that and am in hysterics again.

    Curious George, the king of thumb wars!!
  • 1st drink of the day? Navy Rum.Good choice captain number 1. That sorted the men from the boys didn't it Gumbo. "Pepsi please".......Yellow card!!
  • For those not in the know, Hilsys asked if anyone knows the thumb game, I said what, thumb wars?! Got the second yellow and had to do a Sambuca!
  • In my defence hillsys i had started drinking Thursday nite at Carter's and was TKO Friday nite not even waking up to Carter using my leg as an anchor point!!!!!!!
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