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Matt Holland

I didn't go on Saturday. Matt is supposedly having a great season but the highlights typified his performances for me. First goal - he went to challenge the guy with the ball who just accellerated away from him. Matty didn't try to keep pace with him but trotted after him out to the left wing, despite there being two Charlton defenders out there already. The ball was put into the box so he was out of position to defend. Result - goal, but Matty covered a lot of ground. Third goal (I think) - again the ball went out left, he followed it but didn't go to challenge the player with the ball, merely standing in space in front of him. By doing so he stood in front of Weaver and blocked his veiw of the ball. Result - goal. For the other goals he wasn't visible - why? He is our defensive midfielder? His lack of pace restricts our ability to counter-attack and he isn't the biggest to defend set pieces. How is he better than Semedo?


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    You cannot single out any player on saturday for blame in my opinion - they were all as bad as one another.

    Making a scapegoat of Matty is a bit unfair i think - he is a committed individual and has played well in recent games.

    Sometimes i think there are certain players who get their backs jumped upon for no real reason at all. That being said, maybe Semedo should get another go but i think Holland's experience is vital at this stage of the season.

    Surprised Ambrose hasnt been blamed yet...
  • I've always felt Semedo is a better choice than Holland in our midfield.

    Holland has played very well recently and that cannot be disputed, however sometimes that is irrelevant if he isn't the right piece for the jigsaw.

    In a midfield in this league I think you need a defensive strong player and a creative player. That has to be ZZ and Semedo.

    I feel sorry for Semedo to be honest because he didn't deserve to lose his place in the side in the first place.
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    Bloke behind me was having a go at Ambrose at the start of the second half - after he'd scored two goals FFS!
    Matty had a bad day, but was by no means the only one. ZZ was appalling - really looked like he did not fancy it at all from the very first minute.
  • I make you right,we need a scapegoat and it can't be pardew,so why not holland.
  • I'm not just looking at Saturday but using it as an example of where he is lacking generally. Also, even when he was scoring goals I cannot see what positive play Iwelumo brings to the side - the guy never has the ball under control in the whole 90 minutes. Halford may or may not be a decent player but we loose an enormous amount of creativity by not having Moutakil in the side. Pardew is making these decisions and they are not paying off. He acknowledges that Watford outplayed us in the second half by pushing up and compressing play but seems incapable of making the same tactical switch. He got Reading and West Ham up by playing quick counter-attacking play. I was looking forward to the same and we had a spell after Christmas where he used it and we played exciting stuff, but he has changed his game plan to suit the signings he has made, not signed players to fit in with a style.
  • Pardew: "A couple of players came out with great credit – Matt Holland and Darren Ambrose, but I expected a lot more from certain individuals."
  • holland has played out of his skin this season mate,have a scapegoat by all means but not matty.
  • you have to be mental to pick on holland, whatever he may or may not have done saturday, in truth nobody did a lot really did they? as the only player that seems to care win lose or draw there are far better people to single out that don't perform ON or OFF the pitch
  • As AG said he didnt go to the game.

    Matt Holland has been my player of the season so far.

    The left side was an inexperienced pairing of Basey and Cook so perhaps Matty was trying to cover a perceived weak area.
    Of the two I thought ZZ had a poor game. But Im not going to slate him because he has put in some really good performances recently.

    I think our season has been impacted by a combination of the Todorov injury and Mcleod not appearing to be good enough. Thats made us long ball merchants when Iwelumo is on the pitch which I dont think is how Pards wants to play.

    To me Varney is still too raw. Too many offsides, petulant fouls. Good addition to the squad but still learning.

    Im hoping that Andy Gray, Varney will come good as a front two but it may not be in time for a promotion challenge this season.
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