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Gritty ahead of the Youth tonight


  • I'm going and will be arriving in SE7 at 6.55
  • the crowd tonight i think will be an interesting test of the 'power of the internet'.

    There has been no home game since the last round, and the date wasn't even confirmed till last thursday, so the only way people will know about tonights game is through the Official Site and the various forums.
  • henry can you ask them to open the west up a bit tonight bud there is no need to tape off the 2 ends proper pain in the arse as soon as you get up to get a drink yu loose your seats and there is nowhere else to sit apart from in between familys but when you are a group of 5 or 6 you end up all being seperate
  • Are many from the site going?
  • Im going....
  • I'm going curious as long as the USA doesnt decide to ring me just as i walk out the door...
  • I'm going...

    Will be in Bartrams about 6.30
  • see you all in Barts
  • edited February 2008
    and now Kevin Ball giving the Sunderland piece

    click here
  • Is it a 7 o' clock kick off?
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  • Charlton will face Man City if they get through. City won 4-1 at Plymouth last night.

    Chelsea also through after beating Port Vale 5-2

    Revised draw (two legs):

    Charlton / Sunderland v Man City
    Chelsea v Villa
  • tough draw,mind you they all probably are.
  • [cite]Posted By: PassItToLeaburn[/cite]Is it a 7 o' clock kick off?

    was gonna ask the same thing ?, also can you park in the West Stand car park ?
  • yes to the 7pm, no to the west stand parking
  • I am going bringing 3 kids also the 7pm kick off time is great allowing kids to go to matches and still get home at a reasonable time toughest test of all this so far this one come on the shelvey another performance from you tonight and i can def see him getting an oportunity with the first team sooner rather than later seeing as he plays in the position where we are most weak
  • I maybe ahead of myself, well actually I am ahead of myself but when are the semi-final legs?
  • they are supposed to be played by the following dates:

    Semi Final First Leg
    Saturday 8 March 2008

    Semi Final Second Leg
    Saturday 22 March 2008

    but the sixth round was played late.
  • anyone going for a drink in Bartrams ?
  • i think the answer is everyone
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  • [cite]Posted By: WSS[/cite]I'm going curious as long as the USA doesnt decide to ring me just as i walk out the door...
    Well there you go:

    "Going to need you to pop in at 5.30ish to discuss the auditing spreadsheet".

    We'll see.
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