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How our club gone auction silly?!


  • i've been uneasy about these for a little while to be honest.

    If all the money raised was going to charity, then fair enough, but it really is starting to smack a bit of deperation to be honest.

    Perhaps i'm looking a bit too much into it.
  • should be for charity - no question, I can't believe we'd be that desperate its embarassing.
  • can we have the minutes from the board meetings goin on e-bay now that is something worth paying for.

    RM why isn't the clown playing Alan

    AP coz he's shite Richard

    RM Oh but we gave you over a million pounds to buy him Alan

    AP So what you gave Dowie £11million
  • Gone silly but if people are prepared to pay the money...
  • cheesy...
  • The match DVD has "no commentary and no sound" - great!!
  • [cite]Posted By: Chris_from_Sidcup[/cite]The match DVD has "no commentary and no sound" - great!!

    and is shot from one camera....!
  • If you had a load of Pro Zone Analysis thrown in it might be quite interesting
  • 'Palace package' im sorry but that is sad.
  • "Sad" but it's on £77 within a day so fair play to 'em I say.
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  • Don't think it's sad at all. Nice to see them thinking outside the box a little and using new tech. I'm sure it's not a massive revenue spinner, in fact it's probably something we could calculate, but one day in the not so distant future these kinds of things will be much more commonplace as "marketing" tools.

    Does that make me sad ;-(
  • Yes Lookie - with a big capital "S"!!!
  • £84 last i see

    Not for me but sure someone will be happy

    Nothing wrong with the idea not the run of the mill item you would expect
  • up to £113 now.

    i think i will put a jamjar on e-bay and advertise it as;

    this is a unique chance to purchase the atmosphere captured under the valley floodlights during the thunderous rendition of 'valley floyd road' as jermaine defoe consigned us to relegation.
    this jar has remained airtight since that time. the exact capturing took place in block g in the famous covered end.
    as a true addick, don't miss this chance to own a peice of charlton history.
    starting bid £50.
  • £51 for the jam jar ......
  • [cite]Posted By: oohaahmortimer[/cite]£51 for the jam jar ......

    so you can take the 'atmosphere' to away games ;-)
  • "you`ll have take the lid off before entering the ground" ;)
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