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LIVE: Yoof v Black Cats



  • If anyone can spot a lively 16 year old, it's OohAah . . . .
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]There around 600-700 Sunderland fans there.
    Anyone else think that's a bit sad?
  • i didn't think sunderland had that many nearer 3-400
  • yer about 200 for me
  • This is probably a bit weak but I have always felt that individual towns have a more defined identity than somewhere like Charlton, a suburb admittedly of one of the worlds great cities. I grew up in Sidcup, Kent. Not really London or Kent.

    I kind of envied people who came from towns such as Norwich or Ipswich where it is self evident who you will support.

    So for Sunderland people whether living in the town or somewhere else it is easy to associate more directly with their team.

    I guess most will think this is a load of old gobshite.
  • no it's true if you come from sunderland but live in london invariably you will support your team from the area you grew up in.With London being such a massive city they will have i would say 1000 plus members of there london supporters club hence a decent turn out for a youth match.
  • How many Sunderland fans live in London, compared to how many Charlton fans live in the North East? The percentage will sway heavily towards their lot living in London
  • Funniest sight of the evening was after Sunderland got their first goal. AFKA standing up on his own looking round the West Stand as if he was trying to 'spot' the Sunderland fans there who were celebrating. A quick shout for Charlton and down he went again.

    Good game though our boys tired later on after putting in so much effort - would have been surprised if they could have kicked on in extra time. Definetly the more skillfull team but Sunderland were physically stronger.

    Most impressed with Solly. reat tackler, fast, gets up well, couple of decent crosses and he certainly doesn't bottle it!
  • LOL

    Well they were getting on my nerves.

    Shame no one joined in my Super Clive Mendonca chant :-)
  • Talking of away support, Newport had about 70-75 fans at Welling last night. Not bad for a midweek game all the way from Wales!
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  • They also left with 3 points as well :-(
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]They also left with 3 points as well :-(

    Most teams do down at Welling
  • [cite]Posted By: Chris_from_Sidcup[/cite]Talking of away support, Newport had about 70-75 fans at Welling last night. Not bad for a midweek game all the way from Wales!

    one of the advantages of being around london.
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