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Sheff Utd in extra time...

edited February 2008 in General Charlton
...every little helps !


  • I think it could go all the way, that would really suit us!
  • Just put it on. Looks like a right cracker ........................ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • 0-0 thriller (yawn)
  • let it finish as late as possible !
  • How's your luck Paddy???
  • Great keeping by Paddy.

    Unfortunately he was facing the wrong direction !!
  • To be fair, with that barnet you're asking for trouble!
  • the match had everything, excitement,flair and a cracking goal, why cant more of the beebs fa cup games be like that one?!
  • What a goal, one fit to win any match
  • If only they picked ties like this every round, you wouldn't get your Dave 'ginger c*unt but not a bad forward' Kitson saying they don't care about it.

    I was just glad no one scored in the 90 so we got another 30 minutes of action-packed excitement
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  • hopefully chris morgans silky skills wont be as evident on saturday as he'll be too knackered
  • well should help us a little. i dunno y but i have a sneeky feeling grays gonna get a very late winner. 0-1
  • i have a very good feeling about saturday. im going to put charlton to win in my accumalator. any one know how many weve sold for this one?
  • I think we all had a good feeling about last Saturday. LOL
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