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  • I must say I agree with SHG too. I m fed up every time we lose,someone saying tha they beat a team that was in the premiership last year. this team didnt exist last year.It has been built virtually from scratch with championship players football league players and players that werent even in this country last year. So with that kind of handicap ,we aint doing too bad.
  • It takes a man to admit u have done wrong I am sure we have made the odd mistake in life be at work or a personal basis admiting and appologising is sometimes the hardest thing to do as long as the individual learns from it and doesn't repeat it then there shouldn't be a problem let's draw a line under it and treat the next twelve games like cup finals the management the team and the fans we have the ability to do it we just need to pull together and believe in ourselves
  • exactly the point i was trying to make WIWLB now pards has done what all have moaned about including me i wannted a public flogging of some after the scunny game lets put it to bed and move on
  • [cite]Posted By: Rothko[/cite]I think the West Ham comment is a fair one, he's been there and done it with them, and it's a comparison, not a dig.

    It's his way of justifying things. He has gone on record as saying that he knows what is needed to get out of this Division. He's clearly persuaded the Board in respect of his signings and things ain't quite working out yet - so blame the one thing it's difficult to measure and that is what fighting quality the players have as a team. I not having a pop at him, football management is a high risk job and he's just giving himself some wriggle room in my view.
  • [cite]Posted By: bingaddick[/cite] he's just giving himself some wriggle room in my view.

    exactly what i thought... it's always a 2 year plan... for some breathing space
  • but i remember it being said that it was a 2 year plan at the end of last season what makes us think that it has changed i predicted a 109 pt haul before it was confirmed we would go down last year based on us keeping the whole squad bent and carson included however i also said that if we lost the majority of that team then it could be 2 or 3 seasons until we are strong enough to come back. I am not happy with where we are due to the fact the team has given me a glimpse of what it can do but just not consistant enough but i want to wait and see out that plan
  • From my point of view what's happened this season is all very bizarre - my family are all Hammers and when Pards signed on the first thing they said was that he's an 'okay' manager who will only get us in the playoff's (I'll settle for that now...) BUT that we would soon get fed up with his constant sounds bites and media spin. Sounds like they got it about right to me BUT the ironic thing is that they were over the moon to get Curbs on board but, as I predicted to them at the time, are now complaining that his football is stale and boring, his substitutions are odd to say the least and don't get them started on the one up front business, especially when that one is Carlton Cole. I honestly think some of them would like to turn the clock back...
  • [cite]Posted By: Stu of SE7[/cite]Ketman, you can't deny our support is shite. You probably get a god damn awful view of the support the team really gets.

    Yes, where you sit it can be very, very loud, move 3-4 blocks across and the volume is tiny in comparison, so just imagine what it's like on the pitch. I have a 2 people sit near me who NEVER sing, yet boo as loudy as their lungs will allow afte any bad performance.

    I can't knock Pards for anything, no he probably doesnt know his best team, who would after this short amount of time. Yes he has bough some right old cack, that's just how he rolls, buys 6-7 players in the hope 3-4 are good enough.

    thats a great post stu, top man
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