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  • what a great article, and highlights the lengths behind the scene the club are going to to try and push us forward in a sustainable way.

    If it doesn't work out, they can't be accused of sitting still and not giving it a go.
  • AFKA, you've changed your tune. : - ) Wasn't it a bad idea to publicise this a week ago?

    I think someone at the club has been leaning on you. ; - )
  • I agree AFKA. This is the sort of thing that has I believe given Charlton such a good reputation within football including supporters as being a well run club. I for one find it hard to ever criticise our board including the Dowie and Reed thing. Wish that they could entice another member to join the board who has cash to splash though !
  • Why dont we have a whip round?
  • well now its out there.....

    Just thought it would be best practice to keep as much under wraps until we were at the stage of seeing someone from the network structure break into the first team, give it time to properly establish.
  • Out of interest, what has happed to Jani Tanska ??
  • Keskuspuolustaja Jani Tanska sekä Myllykosken Pallo ovat tehneet pelaajasopimuksen. 18-vuotias pelaaja palaa kolmen vuoden tauon jälkeen Kymenlaaksoon vuoden mittaisella sopimuksella, jossa on molemminpuolinen vuoden lisäoptio.

    I hope this is helpfull AFKA.
  • that's old Stu, says he is 18-vuotias in the article. His just a few months short of turning 20-vuotias now.
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    Jani Tanska, 19, siirtyy jalkapalloliigassa pelaavan FC KooTeePeen riveihin. KooTeePee ja keskuspuolustaja Tanska ovat solmineet yksivuotisen sopimuksen.

    Viime kaudella Tanska oli mukana MyPan miehistössä. Sitä ennen MyPan kasvatti Tanska loi uraa Englannissa Charltonin nuorisojoukkueessa.
  • ah now we know that bird was finnish stu ;-)
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  • she definately had fins
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    excellent article and the club appear to be doing an awful lot of work behind the scenes that generally goes unnoticed. However in reality unless we are in the premier league then I couldn't honestly see a single one of them playing for our first team, if they turn out to be 'that good' then the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea with their already strong African contingent will lure them......maybe I'm just very scepticle!
  • No WSS, just very oversized arms ;-(
  • Henry what happened to our link with the New Zealand club - White Knights or Black Knights = or something like that?
  • Nighty Knights. ;-)
  • [cite]Posted By: lancashire lad[/cite]Henry what happened to our link with the New Zealand club - White Knights or Black Knights = or something like that?

    NZ Nights

    The Aussie League of which they were members pulled the plug on their being in the league among other things so they folded, if I remember rightly, back in sept/oct of last season.

    And before Pete Tong goes into one we got all our money back from the guy who owned the club.
  • This is an excellent article and does show our club in a great light. I hope the Board knockers on here might reconsider some of their comments. There is no club anywhere that can hold a candle to us for the work that is being done around the world. Yes is has potential benefits to our club but it certainly highlights the difference between our progressive approach with football communities in other countries, versus the "lets milk em for all we can get approach" by the Premier League.
  • bing if anyone knows where the heart beat of our club lies it is the board we do imo have the best board in the business they have made the mistake that cost us relegation they admitted it they apologised for it. i am with you on this we do the best community work in all faootball teams that i know of over here and it is another reason of why it is good to be an addick
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