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So after my pre christmas shocking story I

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thought I would relate my latest experience on the fire engine.

About 10 o'clock in the evening we got called out to a car smoking following an accident (which usually means the radiator is leaking). When we get there two cars about 40 yards apart are well ablaze, the flames were as high as the trees.

A woman is wandering around in tears and there are a few of the well "known" travellor community dashing about. The first car we reach is burning under the bonnet (which is well and truly mangled due to a severe front impact) and just inside the interior and is easily extinguished by two of the crew. As we get to work the pikeys start shouting at us to get to the second car as our Watch Manager tries to calm the woman down.

The gist of the commotion is that in the further car, which we cannot reach easily until the nearest is put out, is still occupied and is a full inferno. The pikeys had pulled the other motorist from his car using their flatbed truck as a makeshift stretcher/ambulance yet had not made it to the second car in time.

For once we approached a rescue hoping the casualty was dead, and upon reaching the vehicle realised he was long gone. The police then arrived and recognised the pikeys and gave them grudging thanks, before taking over the scene. We then had to wait around for three hours before cutting the body out of the car after the investigation was over.

The other driver will live but has severely broken legs.

P.s the guy who doused himself in petrol before Christmas is out of hospital and seems to be doing a lot better. I spoke to him last week and he seems really upbeat about the future and apologetic about the fuss he caused.
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Roland Out!