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Caption Corner: WSS appoints spokesman....

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We will beat Burnley and Ipswich, mark my words.....


  • ha ha

    "defeat ? what defeat ? will we attain automatic promotion"
  • lol brilliant everything is fine we are still going up
  • Corey Gibbs WILL be player of the year
  • "That Andy Gray is on fire"
  • "Calm down, forget the football. Lump on Enzo to beat Haye. Haye is struggling with the weight"
  • "ollie aint actually ginger!!!!"
  • "Oooh Aaah Mortimer was at Burnley tonight, roaring them on"
  • [cite]Posted By: falconwood_1[/cite]"Oooh Aaah Mortimer was at Burnley tonight, roaring them on with 1500 other hardy followers"
  • discussion topic THREAD FOR DISCUSSING AWAY FOLLOWINGS (of all clubs)

    Oooh controversial.

    OohAaah's next controversial thread:

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    "we are better off than we were 2 years ago."
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  • " i assure you, this league is very exciting"
  • "Mystic Nolly says we'll beat Burnley"
  • i wanted us to beat burnley mate didnt lay any money on them though,still beat from saturday,aint been in a betting shop since.
  • "Collect your free season tickets from the end of May"
  • Is this Pardew saying how many more wingers he plans to sign before end of season
  • I said Andy Gray will score against his old club.

    I forgot to say which one :o(
  • Ha ha, fair enough.

    Did i say what season?!
  • MSS: My feelings, as usual, we will win them all. Our initial assessment is that they will all lose. I have seen this.
  • "We Surrender" just dont send Dowie in, the country is in a mess as it is!!
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