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ntdll.dll 0xc0000005 problem with iexplorer and firefox

edited March 2008 in Troubleshooting
Help! I can't use firefox or internet-explorer on my PC at home - after abou 10 seconds both get the same error regarding ntdll.dll.

Any helpful suggestions appreciated.
Outlook Express is okay as are things that update themselves such as AVG.

PS I have recently installed BitComet - don't know if that may have overwritten something??


  • Well I've reset Internet Explorer default settings and I can use that now.
    Still can't use Firefox though - reset cache, cleared cookies and private data, but no joy.

    At least IE works though now - I still wish I knew the cause!
  • FF the latest version?

    Also download Opera, best browser around.
  • Thanks Stu - FF is about 6 months old.
    What's good about the Opera browser then?
  • I've just changed to Opera. I like the look of it so far. Automatically copied over my favourites from IE. Have also been using Firefox which is OK.
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