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For those of you with hyphens and underscores in your Usernames....

edited March 2008 in Troubleshooting
There is a bug in relation to the whispering (private message) system which effects those of you with dashes in your usernames.

You can send whispers to others, they can reply to your whispers. But they cannot send you a whisper on its own (if that makes sense). Ie. the only way people can privately contact you is be returning a whisper from you.

To correct this, click on the Account button at the top of the Forum, then select Personal Information on the left hand column. You can amend your username there.

For example, Charlton_Carl would need to amend his username to either CharltonCarl or
Charlton Carl.

Pipe up if that does not make sense.


  • edited March 2008
    i wont bother, no one whispers me anyway :'-( lol

    but maybe that's why, maybe all of you have desperately been trying to contact me
    .....or maybe not
  • I dont hve a problem with people whispering to me in a new thread?
  • bloody trouble makers
  • I believe there is already an Eltham Addick ?
  • Is that why you havent answered the last two whispers I sent you then Smudge ;-)
  • Well that explains a lot!

    Sco, could you please bring my trainers on Saturday!
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