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How the Forum works......How to post links

edited April 2008 in Troubleshooting
There are two ways of posting links.

1. In the row above your comments box, there are a series of option boxes (bold, italic etc). The 2nd to last one should be a globe. Cick on that and it will ask you to paste in the link you wish to post. Click ok, and it will then ask you to add a link name (i normally enter as Click Here). Press ok again and the link will appear in your comments box. This is the best way as you keep the 'format comments as' ticked in BBCode, avoiding changing back and forth.
Sometimes when it is added, it can repeat any text you had wrote before the link was added. Simply delete that out to add repetition.

2. The other way is by copy and pasting the link address into the comments box, and then switching the 'Format comments as' over to 'Text'. This when published will show the full link and allow others to click on it. However its a bit untidy and you can forget to switch back to BBCode after.

Feel free to use this thread for a play, and please ask any questions you're not sure about.

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