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Cardiff and the FA Cup

So in the press today Cardiff City have said they will NOT join the call for the welsh national anthem to be played at wembley pre the Cup Final. If the Welsh dont want to hear the national anthem of the UK and Ireland played in the ENGLISH Football Association Cup FInal maybe they should leave the ENGLISH FA.


  • I think it's ridiculous... sorry Welsh nationalists... it's the ENGLISH competition and the anthem is that of the United Kingdom. The last time i checked our Queen was still Sovereign in Wales despite their poxy assembly...

    as you say - if you don't like it sod off and enjoy going to Total Nework Solutions

    why do these parliamentary busybodies clutch at straws "real" people aren't even bothered about? i haven't heard one welsh person get all hot and bothered about it besides this plank MP.
  • I think they should sing their National Anthem, I'm sure if England had a decent song to sing we'd all prefer to sing that?

    You hardly see the Union Flag anymore bar Rangers games??
  • Would u rather see the union jack or st georges I know which of the two I prefer I'm English and proud of it as for Cardiff and the welsh its a English compotition so u play to our rules that includes no inflatable daffodils and leeks
  • Its the ENGLISH FA Cup Final, why would there be any other "nations" song sung ?

    Happy for the Welsh to show pride in their culture and nation. So why dont they go play in THEIR league.

    When English teams entered and won the Welsh Cup they were barred from entering Europe, but if Cardiff win they will be allowed to represent a country whose national anthem they dont want to hear and whose national athem they will boo.
  • [cite]Posted By: Goonerhater[/cite]whose national athem they will boo

    and that will be the least of their anti-english behaviour on Cup Final Day, that really is a horrid club
  • I hope Pompey give them a right hiding and JFH can't get his fat arse up the stairs to collect his medal
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    In fairness they have not asked for it, and Risdale says they wont either.

    On another point, they should not be allowed into Europe if they win it, they cant respresent the English FA as a Welsh club, the rules were in place before the season started and they should not change them to accomodate an unusual situation.

    Chester won the Welsh cup a few years back but the Welsh FA would not let them represent them in the uefa cup as they are English, same rule applies here.
  • Erm it says:

    "So in the press today Cardiff City have said they will NOT join the call for the welsh national anthem to be played at wembley pre the Cup Final."

    Surely is can just be left at that?
  • I dont think its Cardiff who are kicking up about it as such, its more the "nationalists" just making waves.

    Saw an article last week about a couple in Wales who had their home burnt out and "anti English" grafitti sprayed on the wall. They were actually Welsh and the whole article seemed to say how bad it was that this had happened and they were welsh. Not to much about the anti Englisg racist boll** tho.
  • I used to go out witht a welsh girl years ago. First time I stayed at her place, the first thing her dad said to me was "I don't usually like cockneys but I'll make an exception in your case." I explained that I was from Kent and not a cockney. He made some comment under his breath and I didn't take it any further (he was a six foot 2 miner)

    I took great pleasure in shagging the a*se off his precious daughter during the week I spent up there though!
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  • My ex is Welsh and i lived there for a few years and i never had a cross word said against me all the time i was there..well not to my face anyway.
  • A Cardiff fan on talksport this morning said they were not interested in singing the Welsh anthem, its a rugby thing as he put it.
  • as you know i live in cardiff and they are my second team (ive seen about 200 of their games in the 20 years ive lived down here and i can confirm they are not interested in singing the welsh anthem.

    they are not members of the english fa but members of the welsh fa, they have tried on numerous times to leave the welsh fa and join there english counterparts but uefa thwrats there every move its crazy. and this is the same for swansea wrexham newport and merthyr.
  • And Cardiff, of course, are the only club outside of England who have already won the FA Cup.

    As you would expect, they beat Arsenal ........... but then it was 1927.
  • oggy where do you live again?
  • Oooooh aaaarrrh, Cornwall, me luvverrrrrrr.
    Proper job.

    We all talk like Pirates down here. :-)
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    I've spent a lot of both work and leisure time in Wales and never had a problem re Welsh Nationalism.

    As a rugby fan plenty of good natured micky taking over England's poor performances (I worked there in the 70s!) but that is fair game and I'd have done the same if the roles were reversed! I am an eighth Welsh myself I've subsequently discovered so perhaps that partly explains why I like the place.
  • i love living in cardiff, the only other place i would consider is canada, but i beleive im the only person on this site that wants the bluebirds to win.
  • I would say u r welsh no one i have spoken to any where want Cardiff to win i reckon Southhampton will be the only other place
  • the only reason that i will want pompey to win is we all know what will happen when the start to sing God Save The Queen dont we ?

    Im tempted to keep sound right down till kick off, then i wouldnt have herd it and can watch not really caring who wins but hoping for a good game.

    Chuffed to bits it aint The Arse , Moan U or Chelski in final though.

    If only Curbs had a go once in the last 10 years maybe it could have been us experiencing that day.
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  • nla and in swansea they will want portsmouth.
  • Yep, we could have beaten Barnsley, couldn't we .......?

    We'll find out next week.
  • land of my fathers,heavy song
  • I can't see what all the fuss is about. The FA should grow a pair of bollocks and just say business as usual and tell UEFA to do one.
  • What would happen if Berwick Rangers won the Scottish Cup?
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    [cite]Posted By: WelshAddick[/cite]i love living in cardiff, the only other place i would consider is canada, but i beleive im the only person on this site that wants the bluebirds to win.

    I want Cardiff to win, solely as my mother was born on the RAF base at St Athan (just south of Cardiff) during WW2. Her family were all East Enders/South Londoners, but by parentage I guess I am half-Welsh!!
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