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Away with the Fairies

edited April 2008 in General Charlton
Pardew commented after Luke varney was poleaxed by the bloke who put the cross in for Barnsley's third goal....

"We had to play with 10 men for the last 10 minutes or so and Varney was away with the fairies,” said the Valley boss.

Alan should know this feeling he has been visiting the self same Fairies since Christmas.



  • watcha tel hows oz

    missed another cracker the weekend 3 more goals in the game shame we forgot to score
  • Yeah saw the You Tube clip.....looked awful. Still wet and windy here, but had a couple of good days at the weekend's good Ol Blighty?
  • scorcher saturday me an NLJR got sun burnt whilst at his footie but then peed on for his St georges day march through enfield Town on Sunday a few hundred little beevers and scouts waving St george crosses made me feel better though.

    I havent even watched it i cant face it no more for me till next season aint even going home to Cov
  • The only thing that kept me going lately NLA was the social side.....apart from Holland I dont feel any association with the misfits.

    Bet you were proud of the littleun on Sunday....makes you realise there are more important things in life mate
  • Loads more important

    buddy Fat rob and me were talking about it yesterday

    who's games are more important Charlton or whitwebbs u8's only one answer charlton are offically my 2nd team now

    it was nice to see the OB shut the town off and st george flying high did get ya in the throat for a min
  • usually with you it's a sausage roll that does that.
  • LOL are you picking on the fat kid again
  • your not fat just well built
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