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Odds for next season

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Bit suprised how long our odds are, but we were favorites this time last year and we all know how that ended up!

Championship odds 08/09


  • 16-1 on Derby don't look bad either. I know they struggled last year in the prem but I fancy them to do well next season.
  • At least they reckon we'll finish 9th - higher than we did this season lol

    So how do they actually work out the odds?
    Based on what?
  • They look pretty good to me, although been honest theres no reason Palace should be that high.
  • Yes the Palace thing really shocks me, they dont lots of money to spend or anything. Rumors are that Watson is going, Morrison will be account contract and Hidson has allready gone. Warnock is a good manager but I dont get it.

    I think Reading, BIrmingham, Charlton, Derby and Wolves will battle it out next year.
  • Bound to be a dark horse ........ One of Swansea/Forest/Donny on a promotion crest of a wave or an unfancied Barnsley/Blackpool/Preston maybe?
  • They maybe based them on form in the second half of last season!
  • Far too early to be placing bets - let's see who Derby and the other relegated teams lose from their squads and who the other teams pick up. QPR may have deep pockets, but bear in mind that it's Dowie who's doing the spending.
  • QPR as second favourites above Reading is a joke.

    My money would be on Derby and Reading next year, in fact Derby at 16's now before they have started buying is very very tempting.
  • [cite]Posted By: Oggy Red[/cite]So how do they actually work out the odds?
    Based on what?

    When odds are first offered, it's based on "expert" opion within the trade. More often than not this is just sticking a finger in the air. As soon as people start betting, the odds are revised based on the comparative amounts of money being bet on each option. Ultimately it's the gamblers who set the odds.
  • Cheers, Harvey - that helps.

    I'm not much of a betting man myself so I've always wondered just what the 'expert opinion' was or even who decided the odds.
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  • I think by now, there'll be practically no "expert opinion"involved. I'd expect the biggest factor by far to be how much is being spent on each team (in bets that is).
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