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All New Members Please Read

Welcome to our community! We are aiming to provide a friendly and useful place for all Addicks to meet and discuss their interests. We've provided this little corner of the internet to make it happen. But we need your help! This community will only be as good as its users make it. Please read through this introduction to the CHARLTON LIFE: Forum and familiarise yourself with how it all works.

/*Puts on Headmaster's Cap and adopts stern voice/*

Rules & Regulations
There are a set of rules and regulations that every user must be familiar with in order that the community is able to grow and thrive. Most of these rules have and will develop organically according to the mores and practices of the active members of the Forum and can be defined simply as being behaviour based on good etiquette (e.g. Stay on Topic; Use Spell Check; Don't SHOUT!). It is necessary to learn appropriate behaviour, which can best be done simply by spending time reading the discussions and developing a sense of the character of the community. Therefore, these rules and regulations are subject to continual modification. Please raise any thoughts and concerns by posting under the Troubleshooting Category of the Forum. If any rules and regulations are unacceptable to a significant number of the community, it is for the moderators and, ultimately, the administrators, to make a decision on their efficacy. All users have the right, and are actively encouraged, to request changes in how the community is governed.

However, there are a set of Fundamental Rules that govern Forum etiquette, which are NOT subject to change in principle. By demanding respect and toleration for ALL users, these Fundamental Rules ensure that Forum Discussions are as diverse and engaging as is the body of active members.

The Fundamental Rules are simple:
    [li]Please be respectful of others. We may not always agree on something, and heated debates may ensue, but please be civil.[/li] [li]Do not ever post defamatory, or purposely offensive and/or hateful material designed to provoke others.[/li] [li]No bullying, threatening, or intimidating behaviour.[/li]
Members consistently behaving in an unreasonable manner will be warned that their behaviour risks their status as an active member of the community. If, at the discretion of the Forum Moderators, they continue to behave inapproriately and in violation of the Fundamental Rules they will be banned.

Unsuitable Discussions and Comments will be removed at the discretion of Moderators and Administrators. Please help to flag any objectionable content by posting a whispered (see below) Discussion or Comment to Admin (i.e. /LoOkOuT; /AFKA Bartram).

If you have any questions (please search the Forum for already published solutions before posting) try posting it in the Forum (as your question and its resolution may be helpful to others), or send us a message.

For further information, consult the Terms of Service documentation that each registered member is required to agree to before gaining membership.

/*Removes Headmaster's Cap/*


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