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NEW ARTICLE: Are Charlton Reeding from the right page ?

Really want to hear everyone's views on the subject guys, so please leave them in the comments at the bottom of the article. Cheers


  • Blimey Dan just read the posting and have posted elsewhere (just because I was there the need for AM's role to be opened up for a little more insight by us the fans
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    Latimer, I posted a version of this response to your question about Mills on NA

    "His role as General Manager entailed taking some of the day to day running of the training ground off the manager's back so dealing with suppliers and Gyms etc. However that's, IMHO, a minor part of his role. His main job isputting the deals together. He doesn't identify or pick the players targeted but he does get on the plane and talk to the other club and agents about money, availability, contracts, loans, etc. What he might do if we, for example, wanted a new centre half is find out who is available and who isn't and at what price but the decision on who is bought or sold is the head coaches and chairman's.

    Hope that helps. Maybe the title is mis-leading but he isn't a director of football and doesn't manage the coaching staff. The feeling was that 1. you free up your coaching staff to coach and concentrate on the players and 2. you have your own in-house "agent" who is working exclusively for CAFC. 3. You have someone to assist Richard Murrey with contracts and negotiations

    Will his role change slightly with the other recent changes I don't know."
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