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Sadly....I missed this - (Not safe for work)

Austrian footballers streak to topless win

VIENNA - Austria drew first blood on the weekend when their topless women's soccer team beat Germany 10-5.

The traditional swapping of shirts afterwards was not an option as the six-a-side teams wore nothing but g-strings, with the national colours painted on to their bare skin.

The football may not have been of the highest quality but that did not temper the enthusiasm of a mostly male crowd boosted by a sizeable media presence only too happy to desert Euro 2008 training for an hour or two.


  • yeah but this is austrian and german birds probably hairy sorts everywhere.

    any pictures Tel
  • Yeah Tel :o)
  • Almost bottom less too!
  • Heres some more
  • all action these girls
  • Want more?
  • Bet Danny is wishing he hadnt told me how to post photos....hee hee
  • That's splendid!
  • Last but one
  • I can feel a lads long weekend away to austria or germany on the cards, Ding Dong is all you can say really. would love to have been the fourth offical checking for jewlery!! he he.
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  • There ya sticky keyboards please chaps.....apologies to Curb it/Maria and Miss Sausage
  • Check the camera on the right!! no where near aiming at the ball, he he he
  • Funny that.....lots of cameras at this game for some unknown reason
  • i take that back about hairy birds.

    quality tel quality -
  • Outstanding!
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