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"Cack in the attic"

These programmes are are terrible.

Get all your old sh*t out, con some mug into paying you for it cos they're on camera, and cop a nice little fee off you and me (via the BBC licence fee) for the privilege.

I'm waiting for someone to try and flog off some skiddy pants. It will happen one day.


  • Sorry Offy, You're absolutely right. I'll refund your licence fee. I apologise.
  • The blond bird who fronts these shows cracks me up, when she started out on ITV's boot sale challenge she was as cockney as they came boasting about her Essex up bringing, now she is on the bbc she cracks me up with her attemps at 1950's bbc speach, prouncing every letter and trying so hard not to drop her p's and q's. It just cracks me up how these shows keep going, "we only need to raise £2000 to send young Barnaby on a cricking tour of malasyia" F OFF!!!! if they came round my house they would find f all plenty off stuff that is priceless to me, like one of bob bolders gloves, and some socks andy petterson gave to me. The best ones are when obviously there parents have just died and they wana flog everything and they have to come up with some poor excuse for the clearence. "were going to use the money to buy a tree to remeber them by" and cut.. "right wheres the nearest Thomas cook!!"
  • [cite]Posted By: LoOkOuT[/cite]Sorry Offy, You're absolutely right. I'll refund your licence fee. I apologise.

    Ooo Lookie, have I done something to upset you today?

    To be honest, I'm surprised you've got the time to post. Shouldn't you be out getting a new server?
    *smiley, winky, nudge nudge happy face*
  • I take your point but it is harmless TV and replaces trailer trash stuff which would otherwise get broadcast.
  • Soul destroying daytime viewing, I'm hanging out for them to turn up at my door though. I have some real 'artifacts' in my attic.

    The wax model of my own genitals
    the framed picture of me and some of my pals after an initiation that would still be deemed illegal in most of the western world
    various old work bits that some old warmonger would like
    old work boots
    a signed copy of the cheeky girls single
    one or two medals and trophies
    an ancient axe that I swear was once owned by a bloke called genghis
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