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FA bans league tables for under 8's


  • old news but what do you mean by at last?
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    NLJR's team havent had a league published as all under 8's are winners and have been for ages
  • i know a lot of unhappy people at our club,they were rightly or wrongly looking forward to a competitive league this year after friendlies last year.
  • Some prat on the Radio this morning was saying Kids should not play with Goals as then the pressure is not on them straight away to score more than the opposition FFS.

    I blame the parents, all parents who take their kids to football should either encourage their kids or shut the **** up, they undermine the officials, the Manager & other kids confidence with some of the Drivel I have heard down at Beckenham & other places on a Sunday morning.

    I Coached an under 12's side once which was hard enough without the parents telling them on match day the opposite of what we had worked on all week with them.
  • My boys team won everything at under 8's and still do mainly, never was they pressured into 'pumping the ball long' to try and win a game.

    I think it is a crap decision IMO
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    Sorry didn’t realise it was old news – maybe leagues were doing it anyway but it seems the FA have formalized it and released the news today.

    The “at last” is because I think kids at that age should be playing football to enjoy the game rather than being objects of a coach’s ego by winning an under 8’s league. The pressure from coaches and parents as Ketman says is quite unbelievable in my opinion. I've seen it first hand with my little cousin, how do you think a kid feels if they try a turn and lose the ball and then hear "oh for gods sake just play it f*cking simple"?

    The kids do need a winning mentality but there is plenty of time to instill that into them at a later age in my opinion.
  • agrred with everything Ketman says, I was one of them parents until I done the coaching ( was still way too hard on my boy) badges and realise what a fcikng numpty I looked like and sounded like.

    They need to make every pitch with at least two metre s roped of and ban any parent that shouts anything but encouragment.
  • when i say old news this was told to clubs 2 months ago.It won't change a feckin thing.
  • Under 8's has always been 'competitve' since the introdution of Mini soccer. Under 7's is friendlies, and quite right.
  • the fa brought mini soccer in to change the fortunes of a national team and produce better players.Has that worked some 13 years later? In a word no it feckin hasn't
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  • Apparently the 11-a side game is dieing in this country,with most people switching to these indoor 5 a side or the outdoor 7 a side Midweek leagues, very sad.

    Have watched the standard slip at Semi-Pro Level year on year over last ten years, very worrying for the future in this country, just hope the Pro-Academies start churning out decent players in the years to come otherwise England will become a Third Rate Football nation (Yes I know we play like that at the moment)
  • Funny though becuase 13/12 years ago our national team played some of the best football I've seen them play and they got further then than they have done in any other tournament since.

    Maybe its the academies they have too look at, any kid who can kick a ball and run in a straight line (fast) would never get the chance to win a league with their mates as they are plucked straight into the acadamies at under 9.
  • agreed my sons u7's were asked to play chelsea academy under 7s because they wanted to look at a couple of boys maybe the FA should look at that instead WAN***S
  • If anything it should stop gobby parents putting pressure on the kids and coaches
  • trouble is ledge they do it at every other age group
  • very true.
  • [cite]Posted By: northstandsteve[/cite]trouble is ledge they do it at every other age group
    Even at full time professional level when 20 odd thousand do it.

    Its so unfair and puts undue pressure on the people trying to play football....
  • the only difference there is that professionals get paid to play and know if they dont perform,they are open to criticsims (feck it i dont know how to spell the poxy word).Personally i have no objection to the pro's getting it.
  • [cite]Posted By: northstandsteve[/cite]Personally i have no objection to the pro's getting it.
    I think we are acutely aware of that mate!
  • sorry i let them pick up there 5 grand a week performing shite whilst do a 72 hour week for £500 and give my job everything ive got.
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  • I think it is good news for the kids

    Little feckers can practice their maths skills working out the tables themselves from the results.

    bring back goal average as well just to confuse them.

    My sons team has a loudest parent award at the prize night. And no, I didn't win although I am guilty of shouting "get goal side" constantly to Henry jnr (along with lots of praise as well I might add)
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