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Posh Striker

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Aaron McLean handed in a transfer request last night at the Posh, will he be on his way to us? He looked quite good last term very powerfull just what we lacked, brut force up front any takers?


  • I reckon we need another striker, we're definately short in that department. Was it 9 at last count? Surely we've room for one more.
  • There will not accept less than 3m, Wolves have already bid twice.

    Plus as RA said, we're not exactly AFKA in that department
  • i know!! if bent goes tho and a younger ie: dickson fleetwood mcleod go out on loans would be worth a punt, i think this bloke tho could be the real deal to be honest, he would be up there for a starting role for sure. round it up to 10 strikers and add one midfielder and we will be laughing all the way to leeds... league one that is.
  • Totally agree with RED ARMY we definetley need another striker, as we have more than enough talent at the back and in central midfield
  • 0-0-10 next season...........
  • Our Midfield and defense were emense last season so there will be absoultly no need to strengthen in that department, the supply to the front 2 and box to box displays of Zheng and Holland were somthing to behold. ; - ), And with crossing abilty of Sam and Thomas it was a joy to watch last term. Anyone out there with time on there hands would be great to find out just how many crosses we made last season, im guessing under 20 for the whole season, the only 2 deacent crosses we had we scored from Southampton and Bristol surely someone should have cottoned onto that!
  • And West Brom away
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