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If true, this shows a man with real high morals and not in the game for money at all...

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QPR manager Iain Dowie will get sacked, even if he guides the club to Promotion. Dowie has agreed a £1m pay-off if the west London club reach the Premier League as billionaire owners Flavio Briatore and Bernie Ecclestone would want a high profile manager. (The People)


  • nothing to do with money in football suprises me WSS- the biggest suprise will be if he does get them promoted- At least it demonstrates that he has an agent who has the ability to negotiate a decent contract......

    Aledgedly of course.
  • Look at it from QPR's point of view re. progressing the club.

    They employ a manager with a *reasonable* track record of motivating a team and getting them up the league. If he gets them promoted it's "thank you very much and here's your £1m bonus". Then they get a manager to KEEP them in the Prem - something we all know Dowie's not suited for.

    They've got what they think is the right man for the job in the current circumstances (Championship football). If/when they get promoted, they'll get the right man for the job then. It's the same as a team signing new players - you get the people to do specific jobs at specific times.
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